Guyver II

Real Name: Oswald A. Risker

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Agent of Chronos Japan

Affiliations: Chronos

Enemies: Guyver

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Relic's Point Research Facility, Japan

First Appearance: Shonen Captain (manga, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Risker was symbiotically bonded to a Guyver unit, an living alien artifact capable of transforming him from his human body into a powerful armoured cyborg in the space of seconds. The armour which covered the host was stored in a sub-dimension when not at use, available in an instant with a telepathic command. It would then materialise around its user, destroying anything that was in the way (clothes, people holding on to the host, restraints, etc).

The Guyver armour granted Risker increased strength and endurance. It also gave him a high level of protection from most weapons. The Guyver armour came equipped with a number of weapons, including infrared laser blaster, a "high-frequency" sword (which vibrate to match the frequency of their target, ensuring a perfect cut), a pressure cannon, and a "mega smasher". Another piece of equipment was a gravity control globe (Gravitonic Generator Orb) which allowed the Guyver to fly, destroy walls, push back enemies, make the Guyver more maneuverable, and its what makes the pressure cannon (a.k.a. gravity cannon). All these weapons and functions were powered by the host's own bio-energy (which also fed the Unit itself). If the host was badly injured, or even killed, the Unit was capable of regenerating him from whatever remains were available, since the Control Medal which regulated the armour maintained a record of the host's genetic structure. However if that Medal was destroyed, the bio-organisms which drew power from the host would run riot, and literally eat the host alive, which is what eventually happened to Risker.

Risker could communicate with other Guyvers telepathically, using the organism on his back, not that the others particularly wanted to talk to him.

History: Risker worked for Chronos, a scientific organisation with secret plans for world domination. Among other illegal practices, Chronos engaged in unlicensed genetic research, creating monsters called Zoanoids. In Japan one of these Zoanoids discovered three artificial alien lifeforms, dubbed Guyver units, in the remains of a spaceship. However Chronos then lost the units, and one of them subsequently turned up in the possession of a local youth, now using it as a superhero called Guyver, opposing Chronos' plans. The corporation sent Risker to Japan to oversee recovery of the missing units. Risker became the host for the second Guyver unit after he activated that unit following it's recovery. Since the Zoanoids were still failing to deal with the Guyver, Risker decided to use his new abilities to do the job himself. The trained agent easily outfought the untrained teenager using the first unit, but when Risker tried to slice off Guyver's head, Shô managed to use his blades to evade. Risker received a slash across his face, and his control metal was cut. Just as Risker moved into finish Shô off, his opponent noticed that Risker's control medal had been damaged during the fight. The heroic Guyver destroyed his counterpart's medal, and without it to regulate the bio-organisms which fed from the host to power the armour, those same organisms swiftly ate their host alive.

Comments: Created by Yoshiki Takaya. In the anime his voice was provided by Norio Wakamoto.

There seems to be some uncertainty as to whether his surname is Lisker or Risker (even the IMDB uses both version within the one cast list).

In the 1986 anime movie Kyôshoku sôkô Guyver: Kikaku Gaihin (Guyver: Out of Control), Guyver 2 is female, a woman called Valcuria (voiced by Keiko Toda).

In the 1991 American live-action version of Guyver, Lisker was played by Michael Berryman.

Thanks to Jason Strosnider for additional details about how Risker met his death, and to "Gothik Knight" for the image of Guyver 2 with his Vibration blades extended.

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