Real Name: Shô Fukamachi

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: School pupil

Affiliations: Tetsuro Segawa, Mizuki Segawa, Guyver III, Transforming Beastmaster

Enemies: Guyver II, Gyro, Aptom, Arkanfel, Enzyme, Chronos,Genzo Makashima

Known Relatives: Fumio (father, Enzyme II, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: Shonen Captain (manga, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Shô is symbiotically bonded to a Guyver unit, an living alien artifact capable of transforming him from his human body into a powerful armoured cyborg in the space of seconds. The armour which covers the host is stored in a sub-dimension when not at use, available in an instant with a telepathic command. It will then materialise around its user, destroying anything that is in the way (clothes, people holding on to the host, restraints, etc).

The Guyver armour grants Shô increased strength and endurance. It grants him a high level of protection from most weapons. The Guyver armour comes equipped with a number of weapons, including infrared laser blaster, a vibration sword, a pressure cannon, and a "mega smasher". It also is equipped with a gravity control globe (Gravitonic Generator Orb) which allows the Guyver to fly. All these weapons are powered by the host's own bio-energy (which also feeds the Unit itself). If the host is badly injured, or even killed, the Unit is capable of regenerating him from whatever remains are available, since the Control Medal which regulates the armour maintains a record of the host's genetic structure. However if that Medal is destroyed, the bio-organisms which draw power from the host will run riot, and literally eat the host alive.

Shô can communicate with other Guyvers telepathically, using the organism on his back.

History: Shô was a normal seventeen year old Japanese school boy, pining for a girl he wanted who loved someone else, when he discovered an alien device outside his high school. The unit proved to be a symbiote, which bonded to his body, and gave him the ability to transform into an armoured being known as the Guyver. Unfortunately the villainous Chronos Corporation had its own plans for the Guyver Unit, which didn't involve it being used by Shô, and they sent their mutated Zoanoids after him to recover it. After Shô successfully managed to defeat several such attacks, he was then forced to face the stronger, better trained Risker, who had used another unit to become Guyver II. Luckily Risker's unit had been damaged before he got it, and Shô was able to use this to gain the upper hand and eliminate his enemy.

Now a dedicated enemy of Chronos, Shô continued to battle their minions. They sent their new Hyperzoanoids after him, until one, Enzyme, managed to kill him, stabbing him through the stomach and ripping out the control medal which regulated the armour. In spite of this, Shô survived, when his Guyver Unit regenerated him from the samples of tissue it found attached to its leads. While Shô was still unconscious and recovering, his Unit and the newly arrived Guyver III, destroyed Chronos Japan.

Shô agonised over whether he could ever rid himself of the Guyver, and live a normal life. Then Chronos transformed Shô's father into Enzyme II, and sent him against his son. Forced to kill his father in self defence, Shô vowed to destroy Chronos once and for all.

Comments: Created by Yoshiki Takaya.

In the anime Shô's voice was provided by Takeshi Kusao. In the U.S live action movie versions, the Japanese Shô was replaced with the American Sean Barker, played by Jack Armstrong in the first movie (1991), and David Hayter in the second, "Guyver: Dark Hero" (1994).

Thanks to David Anderson for the name of Shô's father.

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