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Dr.Nambu was an agent of the International Space Organisation, a special agency which worked for the United Nations, protecting the Earth from threats from within and without. Nambu became aware of the machinations of a covert agency calling itself Gallacter, and came to believe they posed a danger to the entire world. Preparing for the inevitable day when they became a public menace, he gathered a group of youths, training and equipping them to become a force capable of confronting Gallacter in open combat.

Sure enough, around a decade later, Gallacter revealed itself, unleashing a gigantic mechanical Turtle monster. Nambu's team, the Kagatu Ninjatai, also unveiled themselves, and managed to destroy this creation, but the danger of the sinister agency still loomed large.

Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman

Owashi no Ken

Kondoru no Jo

Shiratori no Jun

Tsubakurou no Jinpei

Mimizuku no Ryu

Hawk Getz

Their Enemies


Gel Sadra

Count Egobossler

Sosai X

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