Tsubakurou no Jinpei

Real Name: Jinpei

Identity/Class: Unknown - uses advanced technology, but powers may come from mutation or cybernetic implants. Rumour also has it that Jinpei is an artificially created lifeform.

Occupation: Waiter, cook and general helping hand at Jun's restaurant.

Affiliations: member of Kagaku Ninjatai

Enemies: Gallacter, Katse, Gel Sadra, Count Egobossler, Sosai X

Known Relatives: Jun (adopted sister)

Aliases: The Swallow, Keyop (BotP), Peewee (G-Force), Mickey Dugan (Eagle Riders), Tsubakuro no Jinpei-sama ("the great Swallow Jinpei", his own name for himself)

Base of Operations: Utoland

First Appearance: Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman (October 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and agility. Able to fly / glide for short distances. He used razor edged, explosive bolas in combat, and later was given a sonic gun. Jinpei originally drove a small All Terrain Vehicle, capable of flight or travelling underwater. This was later replaced by a rocket assisted hovercraft, then another, more blocky ATV. All these vehicles were heavily armed. When the team forms the Whirlwind pyramid, where they spin at high speed to generate a devastating tornado, he is part of the top tier for it.

Jinpei out of costumeHistory: Discovered by Jun at the base of Mount Jupiter as an infant, Jinpei was adopted by the girl and grew up thinking of her as an older sister. When she was recruited by Dr.Nambu into Kagaku Ninjatai, she insisted Jinpei joined too, and so Jinpei became the youngest member of the team at ten years old. His best friend in the group is Ryu. His youth makes him feel insecure among the older team members, which may explain his boastful nature and use of foul language - both attempts to act older and more confident than he really is. Off duty he works as cook, waiter, bottle washer, etc, at Jun's restaurant. He has a near obsession with other living things, be they animals, plants, bugs, etc, and often brings wierd and wonderful things home, much to Jun's despair.

It's speculated that he may either be an artificially created human, or possibly the son of the leader of the Jupiter Clan of ninjas, but neither of these theories has been proven.

Several years after first taking on the evil organisation, the entire team appeared to perish destroying once and for all the alien overlord behind Gallacter.

Comments: Voiced by Shioya Yoku in the original anime, and Matsumoto Rika in the 1994 revival.

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Jinpei's second vehicle

Jinpei's second vehicle

Jinpei's new look for the 1994 OAVs.


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