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Thanks to Mike Murphy for supplying this imageIn an early issue of Tom Strong, Tom's alternate universe counterpart, Tom Strange of Terra Obscura, is mentioned in passing. Then in #11 and 12 we actually get to meet Tom Strange, and discover that he is in fact a revamp of Standard/Better/Nedor's Golden age hero, Doc Strange. His world is likewise populated with updated version's of other character's from the same company. Mike Murphy very kindly supplied a break-down of how the new versions relate to the old:

"Of all the Standard / Better / Nedor characters revived by Alan Moore in Tom Strong #11-12, only Doc Strange and the Black Terror suffered name alterations. Doc Strange is rather similar to the more prominent Marvel sorcerer supreme and the Black Terror was copyrighted (bought outright?) by Eclipse (see their version here) and undoubtedly now owned by Todd McFarlane..." In the Terra Obscura universe we have "Doc Strange = Tom Strange; Black Terror = the Terror (killed by alien invader, replaced by nanotech construct imbued with original Terror's persona); Tim (Terror's sidekick); Pyroman; Fighting Yank I (killed shielding his daughter from harm); Fighting Yank II (1st appearance, modern or otherwise); Captain Future; Miss Masque (who ironically has also been revived by Americomics as part of the Femforce universe); Princess Pantha = Princess Panther; American Crusader; the Ghost (now an undead spirit); the Woman in Red; Lance Lewis Space Detective; Mystico; the Scarab; the Magnet; the Grim Reaper; the Ape". Alan Moore has now written a new mini-series continuing the story of the Terra Obscura characters. At some point I intend to do profiles for all of these modified versions.

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