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Superhero roleplaying saw a brief boom period in the early eighties, with games such as Champions, Superworld, Villains and Vigilantes, and so on. During that time, there were two main British contributions to the superhero roleplaying genre, which also added a cast of characters to the already sizable British superhero scene as a whole. These were:

Golden Heroes - a British roleplaying game from Games Workshop, set in the UK and with a host of British characters. It didn't last long - one set of rulebooks and two scenarios (adventures for the gamers to play), but it introduced dozens of superhumans.

Kingdom of Champions - Hero Games were the creators of Champions, one of the best (imho) superhero games around. They had already introduced British characters into their gameworld, but with Kingdom of Champions (and the Canadian counterpart, Champions of the North) for the first time they used local talent to give a genuinely local feel to the characters.

As well as these two main contributions, the British roleplaying magazine White Dwarf carried a handful of superhero scenarios during its early run, and each of these scenarios included some new superhuman characters. There was also a superhero scenario in the short-lived title Adventurer Magazine, while Imagine Magazine included a new adventure (and short comic strip) set in the Luther Arkwright multiverse.

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