The Maze Agency

Created by Mike Barr, and debuting in 1988, the Maze Agency was a "fair-play" detective series, where the readers were presented with the same clues the characters were, and thus an equal chance to solve the crimes. A fun series with a sense of humour, it was a rare break from the long-underwear types who normally dominated comics. It moved between publishers, starting at Comico, then switching to Innovation, and later Caliber. Most recently it resurfaced briefly at I.D.W. My site is about superhero characters, and these guys don't fit the bill - but I enjoy this series so much, I'm breaking my own rules to include it. If you enjoy crime or mystery stories, I can't recommend this series enough, and if you see the back issues (or better yet, a new one some day), go out and buy it!

Jennifer Mays

Gabriel Webb

Dr Rune


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