Hulk Comic (Other strips)

As well as featuring the return of Captain Britain in the mystical Otherworld Saga, Hulk Comic saw the British creative teams allowed to try their hands at writing new stories for established Marvel U.S. characters, as well as introducing the brand new, U.K. originated Night-Raven character.

The Hulk, headliner for the title, enjoyed a number of new adventures for the first #20 issues, before falling back on U.S. reprints.

Professor Latimer's Android

Passing Cloud



Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. saw the U.S. secret agent and his agency battling the threat of the Sept, an international conspiracy. The fight against them lasted until #19.

The Sept

Carlyle Pallis

Abdul Kazir

Ant-Man, normally a reprint, had a one-off, two episode original story in #48 and #49.

Charles Harrington

However the title's biggest success, after the Otherworld Saga, was the entirely new Night-Raven series, featuring a pulp adventurer along the lines of the Shadow. He lasted until #20, but would return in other titles as a text feature, with Alan Moore notable as one of subsequent writers, and for reinventing the character in a dramatic fashion.

Night Raven


Ace Diamond

The Assassin


Scoop Daly


Yi Yang

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