Night Raven Text Stories

Night Raven caught the imagination of a number of writers when he appeared in Hulk Comic, most notably Alan Moore. Revived in text story format, the thirties vigilante was re-imagined by Moore, and skipped through a bizarre range of titles - Savage Action Monthly #1-4, 6, 8, 14-15, followed by Marvel Super-Heroes Monthly #382-386, 390-395 (overlapping his old alumni Captain Britain, whose strip departed those pages shortly after Night-Raven arrived). Next he appeared in The Daredevils #6-11 (again following CB), and Mighty World of Marvel Monthly, before nipping over to appear in Savage Sword of Conan Monthly #85-92; his last gasp in his own strips was in Captain Britain Monthly. Since then he has turned up in the mainstream Marvel Universe in Death Duty, a Black Widow story.

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