Night Raven

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Vigilante; former janitor, soldier

Affiliations: Black Widow

Enemies: Dragonfire, Yi Yang

Known Relatives: Unidentified uncle

Aliases: Blackbird

Base of Operations: Formerly Chicago and New York, c.1920's.

First Appearance: Hulk Weekly; Daredevils, Mighty World of Marvel, Captain Britain, Savage Action, Night Raven Graphic Novel

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter, both armed and unarmed. Agile and good at minor acrobatics. Originally a normal man, the poison Yi Yang exposed him to made him immortal, unaging and able to survive and heal any wound (though not without scars) - he has even survived being autopsied.

History: Originally a vigilante in the prohibition era, Night Raven was the bane of criminals in New York and Chicago. After running foul of the Dragon Tong, and it's immortal leader, Yi Yang, he was targetted by the vengeaful crimelord, and made to pay a terrible price. Exposed to an unknown chemical, he became immortal like his nemesis...but unlike her, he was also racked with severe pain, from which he could gain no respite. After several decades of unspeakable agony, he gained the cure for this latter part of his condition, but he remains immortal, and he remains on the trail of his tormentor.

Comments: Peter Hardy informs me that "The stories that appeared in Hulk weekly were collected in a graphic novel in 1990. He was created by writer Steve Parkhouse and artist David Lloyd. Lloyd later went on draw V For Vendetta and has admitted that Nightraven was an influence on the character V. The only story in the collected works not drawn by Lloyd is drawn instead by John Bolton." Thanks for the info. The character later went on to appear in text stories in titles such as Daredevils and Savage Action, with writers including Alan Moore and Jamie Delano (whose first professional writing work was a Nightraven story). Much later he was brought firmly into the Marvel Universe with a number of graphic novels published by Marvel US.


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