Otherworld tales

With the cancellation of his own comic, C.B. dropped out of sight for a few years, before popping up as a co-star in the Black Knight strip in Hulk Weekly (a.k.a. Hulk Comic). From this point on until he appeared in Excalibur, Captain Britain would be handled mainly by British creative teams. Captain Britain left the comic to go off on more adventures of his own as of #55; two months later, with #63 the Otherworld Saga ended, and so did the comic.

Captain Britain wasn't the only original U.K. character created by Marvel for Hulk Comic, as new editor of the line, Dez Skinn, commissioned several new strips for the launch of Hulk Comic, which met with varying success.

Characters who debuted in The Black Knight/Captain Britain Otherworld Saga

Old Sarah Mumford

Ancient One




Iron Ogre




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