Captain Britain

(First Run - the 1970's weekly)

In spite of being published in the U.K., Captain Britain was initially handled by American writers and artists. The first writer, Chris Claremont, at least had some understanding of the country he was setting his stories in, but subsequent writers were at times risible in their attempts. After 39 issues the comic ended, and the next week it merged into the regular Spider-Man weekly, to become Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain Weekly. The U.K.'s national hero would stay the joint headliner for 23 issues, between #231 and #253, with the final six installments being reprints of his first U.S appearance in the American comic Marvel Team-Up (#65 and 66), alongside fellow headliner Spider-Man. After this Captain Britain was missing in action for nearly two years (not counting a few cameos in U.S. titles), before returning to a starring role with the launch of Hulk Comic.

Characters who debuted in Captain Britain Weekly / SSM&CBW

Captain Britain

The Reaver




Dai Thomas

Courtney Ross

Jacko Tanner


Betsy Braddock

Dr. Synne

Jamie Braddock


Sir James Braddock

Tod Radcliffe

Lance Hunter

Lord Hawk




The Manipulator

Alien Beneath Loch Ness

Black Baron



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