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Alan Class, founder of Alan Class Comics, began by importing US titles late in the 1950s, but soon decided it would be easier to print his own comics in the UK than deal with all the vagaries of import duties, shipping, etc. From 1959 he arranged licenses to reprint various US companies' titles, over the years reprinted ACG, Charlton, Tower, Timely and Marvel stories in black and white anthology titles, often alongside one another. There was no set pattern for where stories were reprinted, so a given title might reprint an ACG story one month, and Charlton and Timely the next, and the comics were deliberately not dated, to increase their sales longevity. Though Marvel would go on to be reprinted by other companies, and then by Marvel's own UK branch, Alan Class continued to reprint other companies comics right up until 1989, and his cheap and widely available reprints were largely responsible for introducing many British fans to the wonders of American comics.

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