Timely / Atlas (and Marvel) Comics Western Heroes

Though superheroes have remained the single most popular genre of comics, for a long period Western comics were also extremely successful - especially in the late 1940s and 1950s, when there was a downturn in interest in superhero titles, and a public backlash against crime and horror comics.

Era atypical

Set earlier than the 1870s/1880s "Wild West" years

el Gaucho

Arizona Kid

Billy Buckskin

Texas Kid

Masked Raider

Kid from Texas

Set later than the 1870s/1880s

Pinto Pete

Wild West (1870s-1880s)


Kid Colt

Ghost Rider

Two Gun Kid

Apache Kid

Arizona Annie

Black Rider

Blaze Carson

Rex Hart

Tex Taylor

Texas Kid



Arizona Kid

Dakota Kid

Fargo Kid

Fighting Texan


Gunsmoke Kid

Red Hawkins

Kid from Dodge City

Kid Slade

Outlaw Kid

Prairie Kid

Rawhide Kid

Red Warrior

Ringo Kid

Western Kid

Annie Oakley

Wyatt Earp

Marvel (Silver Age on)

Two-Gun Kid


Caleb Hammer

Ghost Rider

Man from Fort Rango


Kid Cassidy

Reno Jones

Red Wolf

Dakota Kid

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