Confused by the latest massive crossover, and not sure who is who? This section will attempt to help newcomers identify all the players in various crossovers.

Obviously this is a work in progress, so please bear with me.

Zenith Phase III scorecard, the first one I did, the one which started them all. 2000 A.D.'s Zenith strip featured a storyline encompassing multiple realities and many strangely familiar heroes.

The Vigilant/Rebellion universe.

Albion - coming.

War of the Independents - a crossover of numerous independent comic characters.

Crisis of Infinite Earths - the seminal crossover mini-series, featuring the worlds of Golden Age DC, Silver Age DC, Fawcett Comics, Charlton Comics, and many others.

Total Eclipse - Eclipse Comics crossover, where various heroes published by them from disparate realities came together to fight a common foe.

Unity - Valiant Comics crossover, combining their heroes from various eras.

Amalgam - Marvel meets DC

Worlds Collide - DC and Milestone

JLA / Avengers - Marvel meets DC again

Deathmate - crossover between the Valiant and Image universes

Genesis Merge - Protectors universe crossover

Godwheel - Marvel/Ultraverse crossover

Shattered Image - wherein the original components of the Image universe split off to become the Image, Top Cow, Awesome and Wildstorm universes.

Crossroads - First Comics crossover between their various heroes. Small scale compared to many of the others listed, but still worth mentioning.

Dark Side of the Moon - Moonstone Publishing's crossover event.

World War Three - Marvel and Wildstorm meet.

Avengers Forever - though not strictly a crossover, there are a lot of Marvel's alternate Earths featured, especially in the final two issues.

Intrinsic - Arcana Studios crossover of their different realities.

Prophecy - Dynamite Comics crossover

Conspiracy, Infestation and Infestation 2 - IDW crossovers

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