The Vigilant

The Vigilant:
Rebellion's combined IPC/Fleetway/Odhams Universe

In 2016 Rebellion, long holders for the rights to the 2000A.D. characters, purchased the rights to that comic's former stablemates from Fleetway Comics, with the intention of both reprinting old stories and publishing new material based on those characters. Since then they've released a number of anthology titles filled with dozens of characters, some featured prominently and others only as cameos. Things have only snowballed with Rebellion's 2018 purchase of the rights to the IPC characters who had been sold off separately from the Fleetway characters back in the day, finally bringing most, though not quite all, of that massive stable of characters back under one roof. With more stories coming, and so many characters unknown to the wider public, it seems the appropriate time for another scorecard.

Scream & Misty Special 2017

Let's start with the covers. There are two versions:

That's Misty (editor of her eponymous girl's comic) hugging a tombstone and reading over the shoulder of a generic zombie, while Scream's editor Ghastly McNasty takes a selfie in the background. In this version, Misty takes the headline placement, though both original editors still appear on the cover. I think that the cat and goblins are generic ones, rather than previously established characters, though do feel free to drop me a line if you know better.

The Vigilant

Scream & Misty Special 2018

The Cor and Buster Humour Special 2019

The Vigilant: Legacy

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