Total Eclipse Scorecard

In 1988 Eclipse Comics launched Total Eclipse, a 5 issue mini-series starring virtually all the characters it had rights to. Using the cross-dimensional threat of Nine Crocodile, teamed with the supernatural villain Misery, they were able to not only bring in characters who could nominally share the same world / reality, but also ones whose background mythology made it impossible for them to be coexisiting on the same Earth as the other heroes (such as the stylized and bizarre Beanworld characters, and Marvelman, whose benevolent dictatorship of his Earth precluded him being on the same world as most of the other heroes). Unlike most companies doing such mega-crossovers, the tie-in issues needed to truly have the complete story of events during the crossover were kept to a minimum - just one, Total Eclipse - The Seraphim Objective, starring the Liberty Project, whose own title had recently been cancelled.

Let's start with the cover. Top right is Sergeant Strike. From left to right on the row below is the Prowler, Valkyrie, Airboy, Black Angel (yes, I know she's coloured pink) and Skywolf. Kneeling is Strike and the other Prowler.

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