Kaitou Ace

Real Name: Adonis

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magical heritage.

Occupation: Entertainer - Singer and movie star

Affiliations: The Dark Agency, The Dark Kingdom, Sailor V

Enemies: Sailor V

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Danburite, Saijou Ace

Base of Operations: U.K. (in the manga)

First Appearance: Codename wa Sailor V (Kodansha Comics 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Able to throw extremely sharp playing cards with lethal accuracy.

History: Adonis was a member of the army of Princess Venus during the time of the Silver Mellenium. He had no rank or station and was just a nameless soldier; still he loved the Princess Venus and longed for her. He became a servant of the Dark Kingdom, hoping to change his destiny and gain the Princess' love, but died without ever fulfilling his passions. He was re-incarnated in modern times, returning to life as a singer and movie star named Kaitou Ace. Ironically Minako, the re-incarnation of his unrequited love, turned out to be a big fan. When Minako discovered her powers, and became the heroine Sailor V, Kaitou Ace approached her and wooed her. In the end though she learned he was the man in charge of the Dark Agency which she had been fighting. He died again, but not before he helped Sailor V discover her true heritage as Sailor Venus. Kaitou Ace left her with a prophecy that she would be forever without love.

Comments: Created by Naoko Takeuchi. Kaitou Ace's name roughly translates as "Mysterious Thief / Phantom Ace" (with Ace being the one in a pack of cards).

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