a.k.a.: Pow! and Wham!

Publisher: Odhams

Format: Weekly anthology strip comic, with occasional text stories

First Issue: Pow! #1 (21st January 1967)

Last Issue: Pow! and Wham! #86 (7th September 1968)

Absorbed: Wham!

Absorbed into: Smash!

Strips: The Cloak, Dare-A-Day Davy. The Dolls Of St. Dominic's, The Group, Jack Magic; Nick Fury, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Python, Spider-Man; Wee Willie Haggis, the Spy from Skye; Wiz War, The Two Faces of Janus, Sammy Shrink, Experiment X, Kicks, The Tiddlers and the Dolls, Fantastic Four

Comments: Pow! was the third of Odhams' Power Pack line of comics, and the first to include reprints of Marvel comics from the debut issue, in this instance Spider-Man and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The rest of the first issue comprised of two adventure strips and four humour strips:

The Python - the tale of two stranded pilots taking on a madman who controlled a giant robotic snake.

Jack Magic - a 13th century sorcerer's apprentice accidentally transports himself to the modern day.

Dare-A-Day Davy - unable to turn down any dare, young Davy challenges the readers to send in their ideas

The Dolls of St. Dominic's - the escapades of a group of tearaway schoolgirls

The Group - a gang of mischievous youths and their ongoing attempts to get one over on the local police officer

Wee Willie Haggis, the Spy from Skye - the missions of a school-aged intelligence operative, similar to Eagle-Eye or The Man from B.U.N.G.L.E., except this time the kid was Scottish.Over time, starting as early as the second issue, new strips were added to the roster, including:

Kicks - a young boy prone to assuming different roles he thinks he might "get a kick out off"

Nobby's Nightmares - a sleepy lad plagued by hard working Nightmares determined to terrify him

The Cloak - a cape-wearing secret agent tackling outrageous foes

Experiment X - an adventure strip starring the sinister Doctor Morg, agent of FEAR

Wiz War - an ongoing conflict between the Demon Druid and Wizard Prang

Pow! absorbed its sister title Wham! with 20th January 1968's issue #53, with four of the latter title's strips making the transition. Georgie's Germs and Sammy Shrink survived unchanged, as did the reprints of Marvel's Fantastic Four, but Wham!'s The Tiddlers was merged with The Dolls of St. Dominic's on the pretext that the Tiddler's school had burned down, resulting in the formerly all-girls St. Dominic's becoming a mixed gender school. But the newly retitled Pow! and Wham!'s days were numbered, and roughly eight months later it too was axed and merged with Smash!

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