PACAS - Professional Amigos of the Comic Arts Society

PACAS in Spanish means: "Bundle of Goods". Set up by four Latino publishers and creators in 1995, PACAS was formed with the goal of using networking and dialogue between them to assist in getting their various concepts for comics to successful publication. Among the founding members were Richard Domingeuz of Azteca Productions, Jose Martinez (The Chosen), and Carlos Saldana, creator of Burrito, who also maintains the group's website. Staring with four members, the group expanded to over 55 by a year later. Not all the diverse characters created by those in this loose confederation of creative talents qualifies as "superheroes", so sadly I won't be listing them all, but below are some that do fit the profile of this site. And thanks to Richard Dominguez for providing me with some background on the group.

Those with pages of their own elsewhere on the site include the characters of Azteca Productions, plus Sonambulo and el Muerto of Big Umbrella Comics.


Alpha Korps


Aztec of the City

Chesty Sanchez

The Chosen


Pineapple Man

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