Through the involvement of Mirth (the World Mage), an urban cynic named Kevin Matchstick was introduced to the idea that he was a pivitol player in the battle between Good and Evil. Kevin was slow to accept this, even as strange, supernatural events unfolded around him.

With time, Kevin and Mirth were joined by Edsel (a young black woman always armed with a baseball bat) and Sean Knight (former public defender, and a ghost who had forgotten he died).

Together the four battled a malevolent entity named the Umbra Sprite, and his four sons, the Grackleflints. Kevin's particular mission: to keep the Unbra Sprite and company from killing the Fisher King (the physical embodiment of Good) and plunging the world into a period of Darkness and Violence.

In the course of this battle, both Sean Knight and Edsel died aiding Kevin. Edsel's last words told Kevin of his true identity: he is the reincarnation of King Arthur, the Pendragon. The bat she carried was his weapon Excalibur.

After finally accepting his identity and role as a Hero, Kevin stormed the headquarters of the Umbra Sprite only to find the villain already dead -- possibly killed by his son Emil Grackleflint. The villian's headquarters soon fell apart, without the Umbra Sprite's powers active to keep it physically manifested.

His initial battle completed, Kevin joined Mirth and presumably drove out of town. As the reborn Pendragon, he began travelling the world on "The Nasty Hunt" -- seeking out and destroying monsters.

Kevin Matchstick


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