Golden Lad

Real Name: Tommy Preston

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magical artifact

Occupation: High school student; works in his grandfather's antique shop

Affiliations: Golden Girl

Enemies: Dreamer

Known Relatives: Unnamed grandfather

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Golden Lad #1 (Spark Publications, October 1945)

Powers/Abilities: When carrying the Heart of Gold, Tommy could activate his superpowers by saying the artifact's name. Once it is activated, he is able to fly and possesses superhuman strength, and although he wears no mask, even his own family do not recognise Golden Lad as being Tommy.

History: While working in his grandfather's antique shop Tommy Preston discovered an ancient Aztec artifact, the Heart of Gold, which had been empowered by "the blood of a thousand martyred Aztecs" to grant power to anyone who fought for justice. By holding the Heart and saying its name, Tommy was tranformed into the superpowered Golden Lad.

Comments: Created by Mort Meskin.

Golden Lad appeared in five issues of his own title.

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