Golden Boy, the Judas Ace

Real Name: Jack Braun

Identity/Class: Mutated human (Ace)

Occupation: Former government operative and movie star

Affiliations: The Four Aces

Enemies: Demise

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Judas Ace

Base of Operations: United States of America

First Appearance: "Witness", Wild Cards (1987)

Powers/Abilities: Jack Braun, as Golden Boy, had a literal "glow". It was more or less a force field that granted him invulnerability and a measure of superhuman strength. The forcefield activates automatically if he is in danger of injury, making it impossible to, for example, knife him in the back. It also activated when Demise had used his lethal gaze to stop Jack's heart, reviving him. He does not age.

History: Jack Braun was one of the first Ace's to become a superhero in the Wild Cards universe. He and three others (Black Eagle, the Envoy, and Brain Trust) were recruited to work for the US government. One of their most public early victories was when they overthrew the Peron regime in Argentina. Jack used his new found status to pursue a film career, gaining limited success in roles such as Tarzan. Then disaster struck during the HUAC hearings. Jack, under pressure from his social climber wife and his agent, turned friendly witness, betraying the other members of the Four Aces, and Dr.Tachyon, the team's ally. He escaped imprisonment himself, but forever was branded as "the Judas Ace".

Comments: Created by Walter Jon Williams.

Thanks to Josh Geren for additional information on this character.

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