Golden Girl

Real Name: Peggy Shane

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magical artifact

Occupation: High school student

Affiliations: Golden Lad

Enemies: Unidentified criminals

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Golden Lad #5 (Spark Publications)

Powers/Abilities: Super-strength, flight, invulnerablity

History: One day, Tommy Preston (secretly Golden Lad) accidentally drops the golden heart which gives him his superpowers on the sidewalk. Tommy doesn't realize it, but a tiny splinter of the gold remains on the sidewalk when Peggy Shane, one his of his schoolmates, comes along soon afterwards. The golden shard catches her eye, and when she picks it up, is transformed into Golden Girl in a brilliant flash of light. From this, she quickly surmises Golden Boy's real identity and soon foils a gang of criminals who disguise themselves as policemen.

Comments: Created by Mort Meskin.

Thanks to Mason Pech for filling me in on most of Golden Girl's details.

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