The Fury

Real Name: Fury

Identity/Class: Cybiote (cyborg with artificially grown organic components)

Occupation: Executioner of superheroes

Affiliations: The Status Crew; Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth-238

Enemies: Captain Britain; Captain U.K.; the Special Executive; Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth-616; the Crazy Gang of Earth-616; Betsy Braddock; Miracleman; Colonel Tusker; the Arachnid; Gaath; Iron Tallon; Captain Roy Risk; the Arachnid; Android Andy; Puppetman; Crusader; Rick, a.k.a. Young Miracleman; Kid Miracleman; Tom Rosetta; Mrs. McGeary of Earth-616; Sidney Crumb of Earth-616

Known Relatives: Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth-238 (creator)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Originally the Britain of Earth 238; later the Britain of Earth-616

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #387 (Marvel, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: The Fury was incredibly strong, fast and destructive. It could utilise sense organs to check virtually every possible wavelength, it could switch off it's main brain and reroute all functions to defend against psionic attack, it could fire blasts of incredibly destructive energy capable of incinerating even superhuman beings. If it didn't have a power it needed, it could develop new organs given time to grant it that ability. And it never gave up.

The Fury confronts Captain U.K.History: The Fury was a cybiote, a specialised cybernetic organism created by the Sir James Jaspers of Earth 238 to kill all the superhumans in his world. It never gives up. In a very short space of time, it succeeded. Only two native superhumans escaped it: Captain UK, who escaped to another reality; and Sir James Jaspers himself, who had programmed the creature to leave him alone.

A while later when Captain Britain of Earth 616 was sent to Earth 238 by Merlyn. It tracked him down and easily killed him. But the Fury, a creature that ran mainly on instinct, had a nagging doubt that somehow he had got away (in fact Merlyn rebuilt Captain Britain from his remains). It never gives up. When Mandragon, Acting Omniversal Majestrix, destroyed the Fury's entire universe in order to stop the spread of the reality destroying Jasper's Warp, the Fury survived. It never gives up.

It developed the ability to travel between the dimensions so that it could track down it's escaped prey. It caught up with the two Captain's while they were with their new allies, the Special Executive, and managed to kill several of them before being temporarily defeated. But it never gives up. A few months later, as Britain confronted Earth 616's Mad Jim Jaspers, who was even more powerful than his counterpart, the Fury caught up with him again. Facing Jaspers, the Fury realised that the programming telling it to leave Jaspers alone did not cover this version of him, and it attacked. A battle ensued that took them across various realities and dozens of forms, but eventually the Fury transported the two of them into the vacant area once occupied by it's home dimension. Lacking a reality to transform, Jaspers became powerless, and the Fury killed him.

It returned to our reality, but it was severely weakened by it's experiences. Captain Britain and Captain UK attacked it at this point with great ferocity, and finally the Fury gave up and was ripped to pieces.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis.


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