D.C. Comics on T.V. and in the Cinema

D.C. Comics have made several attempts to bring their characters to both the big and small screen. While my site is aimed at covering characters less well known than those who belong to the "Big Two" (Marvel and D.C.), many of these interpretations of D.C. characters also added their own unique characters to the mythos, and it's those new and less well known individuals who have crept into the distant corners of the D.C. multiverse whom I plan to cover in the sections below.

It should be noted that while D.C. came to own Captain Marvel, Plastic Man and Blackhawk, I don't intend to list the cartoons or series devoted to those characters below. They will get covered in their own individual bios.



The Atom

Adventures of Batman (1969)

New Adventures of Batman (1977)

Batman: Animated Series

The Batman (2004)

Batman Beyond

The Flash

Green Lantern


Justice League

Justice League America

The Adventures of Superboy (1967)

Super Friends

Superman (1941)

The New Adventures of Superman (1967)

Superman (1988)

Superman: The Animated Series

Teen Titans (1967)

Teen Titans (2003)

Legion of Superheroes


Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Live Action Series

Batman (1943)

Batman and Robin (1949)

Batman (1966)

Birds of Prey

Congo Bill (1948)

The Flash

Hop Harrigan (1946)

Legends of the Superheroes

Lois and Clark



Adventures of Superman (1948)

Adventures of Superman (1952)

Swamp Thing

Vigilante (1947)

Wonder Woman (1974)

Wonder Woman (2011)

Arrow (2012)

Live Action Films

Batman (1989)

Batman Begins



Green Lantern

Jonah Hex

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman

Justice League of America

The Losers



Superman (1978)

The Man of Steel

Swamp Thing

An addendum on the Live Action movies - as Kelvin Green points out, the Karate Kid movies of the 1980s shared their name with a D.C. character (a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes), and the movies acknowledged this in the credits, where the producers thanked D.C. for the use of the (trademarked) name.

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