Real Name:

Identity/Class: Mutant human - "Ace"

Occupation: Pimp


Enemies: The Astronomer

Known Relatives: John Fortune (son)


Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Wild Cards

Powers/Abilities: Fortunato has a wide array of telepathic and psychic powers, but only following tantric sex.

History: Fortunato was a pimp. He was half black and half asian, and belonged therefore to neither community; instead he grew up to run high class "geisha girls". He discovered that he was a Wild Card when one of his girls showed him tantric sex for the first time; she used a technique which blocked his ejaculation at the moment of climax. His powers triggered for the first time (with the visible manifestation of this being his forehead swelling). He used these new found abilities to track down a serial killer who was slaying his girls, an action which eventually brought him into conflict with the Masons, and their psychotic leader, the Astronomer. Fortunato was one of the leaders of the attack which broke up that cult, and when the Astronomer returned to seek vengeance several months later, on Wild Card Day, 1986, it was Fortunato who was instrumental in ending the bloodbath which ensued. An aerial battle with his arch enemy left both men almost totally drained, and the Astronomer's former servant, Demise, took this opportunity to end the villain's life. Fortunato later retired from New York, to go into meditative retreat. Dr.Tachyon sought him out once in search of assistance when the alien scientist needed to return to his homeworld, but other than that he has stayed in seclusion since.

He is the father of Peregrine's son, following a brief liason that eventful Wild Cards Day back in '86.

Comments: Thanks to Josh Geren for some information on Fortunato's background.


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