The Golem

Real Name: Yossi Stein

Identity/Class: Either mutated human or magically altered human

Occupation: Protector of the Jewish people, secret agent for the Magen

Affiliations: Dani-Din; Lilith; Samson; Tarzan, Marshal Bill Carter, Buck Jones

Enemies: The Jine (an Arabic demon); Reshef (a Canaanite god); Asmedey (a demon); the Hangman from Corfu; the Black Nazi; Pinkus, evil conqueror from another planet; a vampire from Transylvania; the Blue Giant; the Invincibles (a mutant group)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Israel

First Appearance: The Golem (2003)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

The Golem and Lilith team up with Dani DinHistory: The Golem is a hero who has been round since the 1940's, meeting such famous Israeli personalities as Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon. He has several origin stories (they changed with each decade). Initially his "first " origin had him gain his powers from a scientist (Professor Finstein)'s invention. In the "second" of his origin stories he got his powers from the Seal of King Solomon, guarded by one of the ten lost tribes in Africa. In a third origin story he became the Golem after being accidentally exposed to radiation during an atomic experiment in the Israeli nuclear centre at Dimona.

Some of his adventures involved time travel, with the Golem meeting the likes of Samson, or going back to the Wild West where he encountered Marshall Bill Carter and ranger Buck Jones.

Comments: Created by Eli Eshed and Uri Fink. They created him with a retroactive history, taking the concept that he was created in an alternate universe by a Jack Kirby who later immigrated to Palestine (for a similar idea, where creators imagine what type of comics would have been created by Kirby and Stan Lee if they had been Russian instead of American, check out the Freedom Collective)

Thanks to Eli Eshed for informing me of this character's existence, and providing both information and images of him.

Initially the Golem appeared in a book which detailed his (fictional) history as a comic character, complete with images of him throughout the years, and a made up history of his fictional creator. He and Lilith are now the stars of their own daily online English language strip.

What if.....Jack Kirby had created the Golem instead of Captain America?

Cover of Captain America #1

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