Video Boy

Real Name: Brian (last name unknown)

Identity/Class: Human, powers gained through unknown means

Occupation: Student/videogamer/superhero

Affiliations: None

Enemies: various villains from various videogames

Known Relatives: Mom (name unknown)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: the USA

First Appearance: Magic Boy (a monthly comics sponsorized magazine by Mattel Italia)

Powers/Abilities: Video Boy is able to control digital matter and digital energy.

- He can enter the virtual world by leaping through any screen displaying a running videogame

- he can digitize himself and pass through solid matter at will

- He can digitize other objects and decompose them to pixels by shooting digitizing beams at them through his fingers

- He can fly by emitting digital energy and using it as a reactor

- He can infuse digital energy into other people to heal them

History: It is unknown how Video Boy got his powers. What is known is that videogame characters exist in a virtual world. Sometimes the evil characters want to enter our dimension to conquer it or get various important items. Video Boy can fight them in the virtual world and our dimension to keep it safe.

Comments: Video Boy was created by Sauro Pennacchioli in 1989 and appeared in the comics magazine Magic Boy, which was entirely sponsorized by Mattel Italia. Every issue of Magic Boy collected several comics, some of which were about Mattel characters (Bravestarr, Masters of the Universe, the New Adventures of He-Man) and some others were about original characters (Video Boy and Captain Hot Wheels) but had something to do with Mattel anyway. In the case of Video Boy, all his adventures were based on Nintendo videogames, which were distributed in Italy by Mattel at the time.

Thanks to "Devil Master" for informing me about this character, and sending me a write-up and images of him.

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