Taxi Taylor

Real Name: Jim Taylor

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Taxi driver

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Spies working for the "Swastikian government"

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Washington

First Appearance: Mystic Comics #2 (Timely, April 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Taylor is a mechanical genius. His Wonder Car has collapsible wings, allowing it to fly; can travel underwater like a submarine, can send and receive radio messages, is equipped with sensors to pick up even the quietest sounds, can use magnetic rays to move objects around, and is armed with powerful water jets to fight fires. It is heavily armoured, covered in six inch steel plates. It comes equipped with a belt which the driver can wear when he leaves the vehicle, with a programmable timer set to retrieve the wearer and return him to the safety of the car.

History: "Jim `Taxi' Taylor, master mechanic by profession, crime crusader by choice, has invented the most ingenious device the human mind has yet known, in his war against crime, a wonder car! A car designed to travel on land, under the seas and through the air. A car that is a laboratory on wheels, and which can be converted to almost any human need." Taxi offered his vehicle to the U.S. government to use as a crime-fighting device, but was laughed at for his troubles. So he decided to prove them wrong by using the vehicle himself, both as a taxi driver, and as a crimefighter. His only recorded case saw him taking on German spies.

Comments: Thanks to Jess Nevins for allowing me to use information from his excellent Golden Age Heroes Directory and his Guide to Golden Age Marvel Characters. Thanks also to Richard Boucher & Darrin Wiltshire @ PR-Publications for permission to use information from their equally brilliant collection of Golden Age Sites, PR Publications. Their knowledge of Golden Age characters far outstrips my own.

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