Flash Damingo, Space Ranger

Real Name: Flash Damingo

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Space Ranger

Affiliations: ally of the Southern Squadron, Boris the Bear, Jackaroo, Black Opal

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Unnamed son

Aliases: the Extreme Monotreme

Base of Operations: a secret cave in the Boonaburra Billabong, in the Australian Outback, Australia

First Appearance: Cyclone Presents #1 (Cyclone Comics, December 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Damingo's powers include his obvious status as a talking, bipedal platypus, and a cybernetic arm bristling with an array of various weapons and tools. In addition, he carries a 'Snub-Nosed Norton Pumper', which he describes as the 'most powerful handgun in the universe'- with ammunition of compressed oxygen, it never needs to be reloaded or recharged. Flash is an excellent marksman. He is able to fly spaceships, when one is available to him.

History: Damingo's past, in his own words, as narrated to Jack Keegan:

"A long time ago... a lifetime ago... I was a  Space Ranger. And I was the best. The Rangers protected certain sectors of the universe. They acted as a non-aligned police force. I spent most of my life in the Rangers. I found life... and love among the stars. But it didn't last. We had a problem with a warlike race disputing traditional trade boundaries. They believed the Space Patrol was playing politics - and swore to wipe us out. They nearly succeeded. The patrol made a last stand on a planet named in my honour......Plateus. The enemy attack was led by Feral. After seeing almost everything I cared about destroyed... ...I escaped to the only place I thought I'd be safe... ...my home planet... but Feral's tracked me to Earth... to finish the job.'

Jackaroo interrupts, commenting that 'I thought you heroic types liked going out in a blaze of glory.'

'You mean... why did I run? Well I'll  tell you why, Keegan... I ran for him... my unborn son!'

Flash lovingly cradles a large egg, ending his story.

Fleeing his enemies, Flash became stranded on Earth in the Australian Outback, where he befriended first the aboriginie 'terrorist' known as Black Opal, and then Jack Keegan, a.k.a. the Jackaroo, who had himself been drugged and dumped in a billabong by Feral and Redback. Flash became a close ally of the Australian superteam, the Southern Squadron.

Comments: Created by Gary Chaloner.

Thanks to "vi!" for additional and detailed information about Flash's powers and origins, as well as the note "Damingo slips into an accent when angry, which reads like a bad imitation of an Italian accent (the kind you would expect from the Super Mario Brothers)."

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