Silverline was an independent US comic company, founded by Roland Mann, Steven Butler, Mitch Byrd, and Thomas Fortenberry, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in 1988-1989. Roland Mann and Thomas Fortenberry were the writers. Steven Butler and Mitch Byrd were the artists. Roland Mann was the President. Steven Butler was Director of Art. Thomas Fortenberry also functioned as the Director of Continuity. Silverline Comics was later merged with Malibu Graphics. and Aircel, (in California) to create Malibu Comics. Malibu Comics was later purchased by Marvel Comics, who promptly closed down its imprint divisions, and ceased all publication. Silverline Comics continued (continues) a solitary existence, now on indefinite hiatus, under the control of Roland Mann. Roland Mann is still the President of Silverline Comics and also the source of its original vision. It was Mann who brought Fortenberry, Butler, and Byrd together.

- Information about Silverline's history kindly provided by Thomas Fortenberry.

John Metych informs me "Mmany Silverline characters including Demon, Silver Dollar, Tempest, and Dr. Fear will be appearing in a five issue crossover series with Beta 3 Comics' Sniper and Rook. The five issue series, drawn by Bill Maus and written by John Metych, will appear in 2010."


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