Real Name: Hermann Hecht

Identity/Class: Human, transformed through mystic forces

Occupation: Businessman

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Peace Party

Known Relatives: Ilsa (wife)

Aliases: Petro the Petrified

Base of Operations: Coconino County, near the San Francisco Mountains, Southwest USA

First Appearance: Peace Party #2 (Blue Corn Comics)

Powers/Abilities: I'm guessing he has superhuman strength and his rock like skin makes him difficult to injure.

History: (Peace Party #2) In 1872 Hermann Hecht, owner of a small printing business in Coconino County, went out riding with his wife Ilsa and his best friend Frank Glower. They rode to the Petrified Forest, an area where volcanic activity millions of years earlier had helped turn the landscape into a rock-encased fantasyland. Hermann, Frank and Ilsa had become separated from the rest of their party, so Frank rode ahead to scout the path. He began to call out, as if in distress, and Hermann rushed to his aid, only to be struck on the head with a rock by his so-called friend. Hermann died, and Frank went on to marry Ilsa.

The story didn't end there. The petrified forest is a magical land, and due to Hermann's intense anger at the moment of his death, his sense of abject betrayal, his spirit could not subside. His rage fueled a process that should have taken million of years, his desire for vengeance keeping him going. All he needed to complete the process was the right catalyst. In the early years of the 21st century this came when a young boy, on a sight-seeing holiday with his family,  illegally took a piece of the land. Hermann, now a petrified man, awoke and set out to avenge himself.

Comments: Written by and copyright to Rob Schmidt. Check out the official website at Blue Corn Comics.


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