Ah, Megami-sama

(Oh! My Goddess!)

(Published in English by Dark Horse)

Belldandy, a goddess in the service of the wish-fulfillment department of the Yggdrasil system (sort-of a cosmic mainframe that controls the universe) was accidentally summoned by a Japanese university student Keiichi Morisato when he tried to phone for pizza. The cosmic mainframe interpreted his wish that the "girl like her" would be with him always by assigning Belldandy to be that girl. Having a female in her student apartment got him evicted, so he and Belldandy ended up moving to a Buddhist temple; the sole priest residence recognized something holy in Belldandy and took off for a pilgrimage, leaving the temple for their use. Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld joined them later in peculiar circumstances.




Morisato Keiichi

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