Real Name: Phillip Wise

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Video store manager

Affiliations: PACT (Progressive Allied Canadian Technologies), Fleur de Lys, Northguard, Steel Chameleon, Ron Cape, Leila Alexander, Marilyn Hébert

Enemies: ManDes, Redstorm, Eagle, Reverend Clayton Tyler

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents

Aliases: Le Protecteur (name used for him by French Canadians)

Base of Operations: Montreal, Canada

First Appearance: New Triumph featuring Northguard #1 (Matrix Graphics)

Powers/Abilities: When connected to the Uniband through an implant, Northguard is capable of firing powerful bolts of energy through his arm, or releasing them with his touch to deliver powerful shocks to those he makes contact with. He can also use the energy to blind his opponents and to create a protective forcefield. In addition he has both a taser and a retractible grappling line hidden on the underside of his right arm, which he can use to swiftly climb buildings. When his powers were artificially boosted by ManDes with the intention of causing him to explode, he instead shifted to a new level, and demonstrated the ability to teleport.

History: Discovering a plot by an unknown group to overthrow the Canadian government, the Progressive Allied Canadian Technologies company worked to develop a one-off personal weapons system of incredible power, with the aim of outfitting an agent, Karl Manning, who could defend their country. However one of PACT's agents was captured by their enemy, only managing to get out a garbled message about "ManDes". That agent was tortured until he provided ManDes with everything he knew, and as a result, Manning was murdered, along with a plane load of other people, when his jumbo jet exploded in the air.

Knowing it would take more than six months to recalibrate the system (now dubbed the UniBand) to work for another person's brainwaves, and with time of the essence, PACT checked hospital records. They discovered Phillip Wise, a video store manager with brainwaves sufficiently similar to those of Manning's to allow Phillip to use the UniBand. They kidnapped Phillip and informed him of the threat to their nation, and what had thus far occured. Comics fan Phillip agreed to act as their agent, but only on the condition he could wear a superhero outfit. With no other option, PACT reluctantly agreed, and Northguard was born. Phillip's first taste of action saw him saving the life of the Premier on national television, an act which drew the attention of both the Russian and U.S. intelligence communities. His second, more private battle saw him soundly defeated by a far less powerful, but better trained enemy. Realising Phillip needed training, PACT brought in the freelance spy Steel Chameleon to instruct him, and at Phillip's insistance, the martial arts expert Manon Deschamps, who would later adopt her own costumed persona of Fleur de Lys.

In spite of the training he received, Northguard was later captured by ManDes. The insane evangilistic leader of that group, Reverend Tyler, ordered a full scale assault on PACT's headquarters. After slaughtering many of PACT's employees, Tyler tried to overload the UniBand (while Phillip was wearing it), believing it was the Devil's work. Instead of killing Phillip, it temporarily boosted his powers, allowing him to break free and overpower ManDes' gunmen. Phillip nearly killed Tyler, but was beaten to it by Steel Chameleon, who wished to spare the youth the guilt of cold blooded murder. With the UniBand still building up power, Steel Chameleon ripped it off Phillip's arm, and they ran for safety, just getting far enough away before the Band exploded. With the device's creator killed during the raid, and Phillip's taste for superheroics blunted, it is not known if he would ever resume the identity of Northguard.

Comments: Created by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette.

Northguard remains one of the best comics to come out of Canada, with realistic and rounded characters. This was reflected by the series being publically recognised in 1995, when Canada Post did a series of commemorative superhero stamps - the series was the only comic to have two of it's characters represented. Fleur de Lys appeared on a stamp (left) while Northguard turned up on the First Day Cover.

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