Nemesis 2000: La Alianza (The Alliance)

Membership: Tao, Centinela

Purpose: To defend Mexico City from criminals

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Base of Operations: Mexico City

First Appearance: Nemesis 2000: La Alianza

History: La Alianza was a pairing of two heroes. Tao, a rookie vigilante (decked out in a black-and-white outfit), and outstanding martial artist, who swore to fight drug smugglers after a drug dealer killer his father/sensei - a noble, wise, law-abiding warrior - who got too close to the drug dealer's operations, and therefore got whacked. His partner was Centinela (Sentinel), an already established and somewhat mysterious crime-fighter, who had a modified car, a bunch of gadgets and a secret headquarter below his mansion, located in an upscale neighborhood in Mexico City.

Comments: "Game Master" informs me "Nemesis 2000: La Alianza was a failed attempt to publish a comic book, printed at the flip side of a poster portraying one of the main characters. They only got to publish 2, or maybe 3 poster-issues."

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