Little Hercules

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: School boy. scientist, adventurer

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Foreign agents

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Doctor of all the Sciences

Base of Operations: U.S.A.

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #5 (Timely, June 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Genius, smarter than many adult scientists. Superhumanly strong. Extremely tough - survives dropping from an exploding airplane without injury.

History: Twelve year-old Little Hercules was a scientific prodigy, smarter than most adult sciences. When he developed a new explosive, "Dynopop", foreign agents tried to steal it. However they had not reckoned with Little Hercules immense strength and endurance, which allowed him to make short work of them.

Comments: Thanks to Jess Nevins for allowing me to use information from his excellent Golden Age Heroes Directory and his Guide to Golden Age Marvel Characters. Thanks also to Richard Boucher & Darrin Wiltshire @ PR-Publications for permission to use information from their equally brilliant collection of Golden Age Sites, PR Publications. Their knowledge of Golden Age characters far outstrips my own.

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