Real Name: Dr Hsu

Identity/Class: Human cyborg (Steam-powered robot with a human brain)

Occupation: former scientist, bodyguard

Affiliations: Lin Lin Hsu, Narutaki Detective Agency

Enemies: Phantom Knight (very embittered son of a man who killed Narutaki's parents); Dr Guilty (mad machine scientist, Hsu's former colleague), Machine Baron ("machine fetishist", wants Gouriki for his machine collection); Le Bread the boy criminal; Red Scorpion the jewel thief

Known Relatives: Lin Lin Hsu (daughter), Lan Lan Hsu (daughter), Feiffer (wife, deceased)

Aliases: Goriki (English edition)

Base of Operations: Steam City

First Appearance: Steam Detectives #1

Powers/Abilities: Gouriki is in effect a steam-powered robot with a human brain. His left hand can use attachments such as a giant drill and a wind propeller. He has fought successfully with other megamatons who are usually only controlled remotely when Gouriki has at least a semblance of his own mind.

History: Doctor Hsu was a biotechnology pioneer from Yellow River City who also had a hand in building "megamatons" (steam powered mecha automatons). One of his colleagues was a man who later became a megalomaniac mad scientist, Doctor Guilty. When Hsu died in an "unfortunate accident", his brain was embedded into his megamaton Gouriki and he accompanied his daughter Lin Lin when she believed that Phantom Knight would restore him to life. Phantom Knight controlled Gouriki remotely but when he was about to kill Narutaki, Gouriki suddenly acted in his own initiative and saved the day. Gouriki is the strongman of Steam Detectives. He is mute and it is unclear in what extent Hsu's mind actually exists in the machine. The human mind mainly allows him to act on his own initiative.

Comments: Created by Kia Asamiya.

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