British comic publishers - all well worth checking out! If you are a publisher of comics in Britain and I've not listed you, please feel free to get in touch and I will gladly add you.

British Comics News

Comic shops and similar

Comic Book Artists

The Lambiek Comiclopedia

British Comic Art

Run by Jim Croasdale, who often contributes to the British section of this site, identifying the artists for various characters.

British Comics in General

Toonhound's Fleetway Street

Australian Comics


Tabula Rasa

Canadian Comics

Guardians of the North

Heroes of the Canadian Comics

maintained by a regular contributor to this site, Mac Murdock

French Comics

Both of the above are in English and both are maintained by Jean Marc L'Officier (Semic writer and Dr.Who guru)

Mon Journal

covers a variety of French comics (in French)

Gérard Courtial's sites

in particular his cover galleries of titles published in France, and his tour of comic book countries.

Mexican Comics

History of Mexican Comics

New Zealand Comics

New Zealand Comics website

Philippine Comics

Capsule Zone Dynatica Comics Weblinks to Other Philippine Comics

General Comic Links

Don Markstein's Toonopedia


French site which covers links to many European comic sites.

Comics resources

Directory of comics related websites and discussion groups.

A Brief History of Superheroes - an excellent summary of superhero history. Thanks to Bridget and Peyton Wertz for bringing the site to my attention.

Specific Comic Companies

Wherever I know a company has its own website, I am trying to add a link on the respective character pages. If you don't see a link to a site on the appropriate character page, and you know there is one, e-mail me and I will add it.

Since I'm generally not covering Marvel or DC Comics characters, here are some of the best links I've found that do:

DC Comics

The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe International Superheroes of the DC Universe

Marvel Comics

The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Brilliant site covering Marvel's more obscure characters

The Avengers Forever

covers the Avengers, one of Marvel Comics greatest superhero teams

Superhero Movies and TV Shows

Superhero Hype

News of superhero movies

Superhero Lives

Dedicated to Live Action Superhero Movies

Super Strange Video

Site for buying superhero movies from around the world


For Pulp era information - Cinemarquee's Cosmo's Pulp Heroes Cafe

For detectives characters (some of whom are covered on our site) - Thrilling Detective Website

Gerry Anderson characters as they have appeared in comics - The Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History

Yahoo International Comics Club - for discussing all things to do with comics from round the world.

More links to come, sooner or later. E-mail me if you think I've missed one that should be here.

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