In response to a lot of queries about where people can get hold of old British comics and the like, I've added this page. I'm not trying to sell anyone anything, just trying to save time answering e-mail enquiries about where to look, and as such I won't make any recommendations or comments regarding my preferences out of the following retailers. If you are a retailer of back-issue comics from whatever country, please feel free to drop me a line and I'll list you. If you know of somewhere not listed where you can order comics then likewise, let me know.

American Comics, including independents

Shops in the U.S.

Mile High Comics -

My Comic Shop - Things From Another World -

Shops in the U.K.

Incognito -

30th Century Comics -

Argentinian Comics

Lista de Comics Novaro -

Australian Comics

West Coast Comics - Alternate Worlds -

Comics Australia -

British Comics

The Book Palace -

Pure Nostalgia -

Superhero Store -

Chezcomics (mainly US Marvel titles, but also carries some UK comics) -

Coastal Comics - specialises in British and American comics and toys -

Canadian Comics

No idea - anyone suggest a site?

Chilean Comics

Lista de Comics Novaro -

French Comics

Hollywood Comics -

Mike Murphy suggest for albums.

German Comics

Hummelcomic - (thanks to Michael Budde for this one)

Italian Comics

Parigi Books - US bookstore online since 2007 that carries a very wide selection of Italian comics and art related to them, including Bonelli Comics, the great Italian masters (Pratt, Manara, Toppi, etc.), Walt Disney Italia, Alan Ford, Satanik and many, many others. They ship worldwide (yes, including to Italy).

Japanese Comics

No idea - anyone suggest a site?

Some Japanese titles are available through Amazon Japan, but be warned that the site is in Japanese (unsurprisingly)

Anime titles - Anime DVD

Mexican Comics

Lista de Comics Novaro -

Superhero Movies from Around the World

Super Strange Video

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