Real Name: Teresa Feran

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: (formerly) librarian; (now) fashion model

Affiliations: The League of Champions

Enemies: Demon

Known Relatives: Olga (sister); Tomas (brother), Philip (brother, deceased)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Champions RPG (1980); Champions (Eclipse, then Hero Comics); League of Champions, Flare

Powers/Abilities: Flare's main ability is her control of light: she absorbs and manipulates photons, allowing her to release it as powerful bolts of energy or as illumination. She can also fly by releasing the energy in a controlled manner (thus leaving a trail of light behind her). Flare is far stronger than normal humans, but not dramatically so - she isn''t capable of lift a car for example.Her main weakness is a vulnerability to being cut, which causes her to spontaneously discharge photonic energy, "leaking" light.

History: In South America there is a community of aging Nazis, war criminals who escaped the dying regime in Germany, and plot to created a Fourth Reich. To this end one of their scientists allowed experiments to be carried out on his unborn children, with financial support from the villainous organisation DEMON. Four children were born, Teresa, Olga, Tomas and Philip, each with superhuman abilities - Philip was a shapeshifter, Tomas had superhuman strength, Olga controlled electricity, and Teresa controlled light. As the children reached adulthood, DEMON demanded payment for their assistance. Philip went to work for them, and Teresa, now code-named Flare, was sent to assassinate Gargoyle of the Champions.

She defeated and hospitalised the hero, but his teammates arrived and overpowered her. They convinced the idealistic young woman that she was on the wrong side, and she defected, becoming a member of the Champions herself. She has served as a loyal member of the team ever since.

Comments: Flare originally appeared as one of the Guardians, the main hero team played by the original players and designers of the Champions Superhero Role-Playing game from Hero Games.


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