Kapitan Kidlat (Captain Lightning)

Real Name: Inocencio Santos

Identity/Class: Human tranformed by magic

Occupation: Unspecified job working in police station

Affiliations: Ramon (a priest's assistant, K.K.'s sidekick)

Enemies: "Kalawit" ("Hook"), "Taong Bakal" ("man made of Iron"); "a mystery lady who has the capability to be invisible in a blink of an eye"

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: The Philippines

First Appearance: Kapitan Kidlat radio show (1950's)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly at the speed of lightning. Superhuman strength. Also able to fire bolts of lightning. Other powers unspecified.

History: Inocencio Santos was a shy and humble man who worked at a police station, until he was granted incredible powers by Zeus, "the Supreme God", to aid the innocent and helpless against criminals. By uttering the phrase "Kapitan Kidlat Ngayon" ("Captain Lightning Now"), he would transform into the heroic Kapitan Kidlat.

Comments: Kapitan Kidlat was a creation of the late Atty. Leonardo P. Abutin, was a very popular radio program in the 1950's in the Philippines before it became a big hit movie in the 1950's.

Both Kapitan Kidlat and Inocencio were played by Armando Goyena in the movie version. A new version has recently been made with Mikey Arroyo in the role.

Thanks to Raffy for this image.The character also made it into comics, with at least 15 issues of Kidlat Komiks Magasin being published.

Thanks to Dan Ramon P. Geromo for first informing me of this character, and providing images of (the unmasked) Armando Goyena version. Thanks to Leonardo Abutin, Jr. for providing almost all the information about the character and his background, as well as pictures of the character in full costume. Thanks to Raffy for the comics images.

Jay Fournier adds "Kapitan Kidlat was made into a movie again some time later, this time in color. I'm guessing by the style and quality it was made around the late 60's or early 70's. It was also later made into a television series that showed up on IBC Channel 13, simply entitled "Kidlat", sometime during the mid-80's."

Steve Murillo adds regarding the mid-80s series that it ran from 1985-86, and starred Ricky Davao. His origin was somewhat altered: "he is a gifted powerful child who was sent to Earth by Bathala. he was adopted and raised by an old lady. Bathala instructed the lay of Kidlat's secret identity, etc. upon reaching his late teens, he's shout "Kidlat!" and transform to his super hero form."

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