Kenny Starfighter

Real Name: Kenny

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Starfighter

Affiliations: Col. Heinz (who is actually Dr. Deo), Markus, Sofia, Tyrone and Burken

Enemies: Doctor Deo

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: The planet Mylta

First Appearance: Kenny Starfighter (TV series, 1997, Swedish television)

Powers/Abilities: Regenerates swiftly from wounds and injuries (both him and his spacesuit, so it may be a power of his suit).

History: Intergalactic crimefighter and member of the Starfighters from the planet Mylta, Kenny cruises the galaxy doing missions under the command of his superior Col. Heinz. In one of his missions he is sent to Earth to investigate a mysterious threat to destroy his home planet of Mylta. While on Earth he teams up with the teenage schoolkids Markus, Sofia, Tyrone and Burken. Together they discover the fabled Chocolate Zingo factory, uncover Dr. Deo's evil plans and generally spend their days having a really good time.

Comments: Thanks to Nilsson Petter for informing me of this character, to Kalle Bergman, Aron Herman A. Lindegård and Magnus Grenvall for additional information, and to Eliina Vasanoja for corrections.


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