Karmatron y los Transformables

Real Name: Zacek (White Star in Mayan)

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial, Zuyua race

Occupation: Zuyua emperor

Affiliations: Zuyua people, The G.A.U. (Gran Alianza Universal, Grand Universal Alliance).

Enemies: Asura, El Amo de las Tinieblas (Master of the Darkness) and all the negative beings of the universe.

Known Relatives: Emperor Canilek (father), Empress Sictia (mother), Prince Nazul (brother), all dead. Lis-Ek (Wife)

Aliases: The Steel Colossus, The Most Powerful Kundalini Warrior in the Universe.

Base of Operations: The first base was located in the planet Naacal. After being destroyed by the Metnalitas race, it was moved to Earth, to the underground city of Lemuria.

First Appearance: Karmatron y los transformables #1 (February 17, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: He can use Prana energy in diverse forms (beams, shurikens [ninja stars], boomerangs, etc). He can also use hyperspacial and interdimensional channels, and can alter his size. But his most powerful weapon is the Kalpe-OM, the belt given as a gift by the Great Spirit which allows him to use the ultra-powerful computerized armor and become Karmaton.

Karmatron -and all Kundalini warriors like him- weaken when the environment around them "gets negatively charged", i.e. when there's enough evil or harmful thoughts and actions in his immediacy (it takes a lot of that to weaken him but it actually happened in the series). To recharge prana energy, he needs to meditate, to awaken his chakras so he can make an astral journey to the sacred Planet of Eternity to awaken an actual -and huge- Kundalini snake who lives there. When Karmatron runs out of mystic juice, his kalpe-om shines bright and he drops helpless to the ground, in dire need of meditation (or, in severe cases, a direct infusion of prana by other sacred warrior).

History: Karmatron is an alien kundalini warrior allied with his "Transformables" robots, searching for all the human and aliens to reach the positive side and fulfill the supraconscience.

Comments: Many thanks to Luis Giberto, Promotor Kaboom de Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, for filling in many of the blanks about this character. For more informacion: www.ka-boom.com.mx.

Thanks also to Ricardo Bello of K! Comics for filling in the rest of the blanks, in particular enemies, aliases, relatives, history and additional powers. He also sent in the image on the bottom left. Edgardo Ortiz also got in touch with further relatives and enemies, so thanks to him also. Finally thanks to Alejandro Luna Salinas, who also wrote in with the name of Karmatron's enemies.

'Game Master' adds "Zacek had worn 3 different kalpes in the series. It turns out that, while very powerful, the kalpes can actually be damaged or destroyed. The first one (which gave him the silly-looking, pot-bellied First Armor) was damaged by arch-nemesis Asura, in a heavy confrontation with Zacek in the no-longer-existing planet Naacal. The Great Spirit replaced the damaged power belt with a stronger one. Thus was born the Second (cooler, transformer-like) Armor. When Asura defeated all Kundalini warriors and conquered Earth (back in prehistory) the Great Spirit snatched away the very badly beaten-up (but still living) sacred warriors, and putted them to sleep in suspended animation for ages, awaiting the best time to resume the war between light and darkness. Enter the modern age. When Zacek waked up from his slumber, he is equipped with a Third Armor, because the human race had made Asura far more powerful than he was when he single-handedly beated the crap out of all the good guys.

In the 1992 graphic novel Karmatron wears a new, cooler, white, blue and red armor (which is supposed to be the First one). In the recent attempt to relaunch the series, the original design of the First Armor was used, but thankfully he lost the pot-belly"

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