Kapten Stofil (Captain Old Fogey)

Real Name: Joakim Lindegren

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Cartoonist

Affiliations: member of Vänner av Ordning (Friends of Order - Senilo, Lädernuckan, Hedersninjan, Jazzgossen, Balkongståaren, Stofilpojken, Doktor Glas, Stålfarfar,Feskarn, Hämnaren från Hönö), Stofilpojken (sidekick/protege, a toddler who is supposedly Lädernuckan's nephew)

Enemies: Anything new; Bizarro Kapten Stofil, The Bunnygirl, Fishfinger, Stockholmaren the imp from the 08th dimension, Fishfinger, Ålberg, Bunnyflickan, Bärfenhôlm, Ernst Rolf, Ingrid Bäckström

Known Relatives: unnamed ex-wife, Molly (daughter), Mackie (son)

Aliases: Captain Geezer (one English translation of his name), Den Gnällige Geronten, Dacronstrumpa, Don Stofilo

Base of Operations: initially Töreboda, a small town in Sweden; now Gothenburg

First Appearance: Kapten Stofil #1 (1999)

Powers/Abilities: He is equipped with all kind of old-time stuff (from the 50s mostly) which he uses in weird ways.

History: Kapten Stofil is an aging and curmudgeonly hero, and member of the Vänner av Ordning.

He has posed as his own nephew in order to rent a room from Lädernuckan.

Comments: Created by Joakim Lindegren (who based the character on himself).

Thanks to Fredrik Åberg for informing me of the character and providing initial information. Thanks to Hans Holm for further details about the character. Hans notes "the use of old stuff is more incidental than active gadgetry. It's hard to tell if Kapten Stofil has any superpowers. Several of his adventures are parodies of other genres, including James Bond-movies, Spaghetti Westerns and Tintin-adventures."

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