Judge Karyn

Real Name: Karyn

Identity/Class: Human psychic

Occupation: Psi Judge

Affiliations: Mega-City One Judges; Psi-Division; Judge Dredd; the Gulag-raid squad

Enemies: Raptaurs; Sov Judges; various “super-spooks”

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mega-City One

First Appearance: Judge Dredd Megazine 1.11

Powers/Abilities: Karyn wields psychic powers, though not at the same level as Anderson. These include pre-cog, gaining psychic traces from corpses & buildings, and mind control. She also wields Psi-Div weaponry designed for use against supernatural foes.

History: A young and lively member of Psi-Division, Karyn first worked with Judge Dredd when the alien Raptaurs first came to Mega-City One. Since then, she’s taken on a myriad of supernatural foes as well as law enforcement at a Mega-Chess tournament. Recently she was part of Dredd’s 10-man team that went into the Sov territories to retrieve Mega-City One prisoners still languishing in gulags from the Apocalypse War.

Comments: Karyn was created by Alan Grant and Dean Ormston, and most of her escapades have been in the Megazine. Part of Karyn’s motivation seems to be to become the next Psi-Div legend after Anderson, which was part of the reason she signed up for the Gulag-raid squad.

Profile by Charles Ellis.


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