Jet Fury

Real Name: Randolph "Randy" Gray

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Aircraft designer

Affiliations: Blacky, his right hand man and co-pilot; Sandy Collier, his girlfriend, the Australian Secret Service Bureau, Bartley "Bart" Gray, the head of the Secret Service Bureau.

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Australia

First Appearance: unknown issue of Michael Chance.

Powers/Abilities: Excellent pilot, skilled hand to hand fighter, good shot with a pistol. He flies a special plane, the Comet.

History: Jet Fury is a two-fisted crimefighter and pilot.

Comments: Created by Larry Hurak.

Dennis Ray kindly supplied all of the above details on Jet Fury, and notes "He lives in a penthouse in the "city", it is not named in the two issues that I have. There is a secret hangar for his plane above his penthouse. In issue #23 he is taking his new plane Comet II, it is a newer model that "has more speed and smoother control" than the Comet I. No actual speed is cited but in one story he says it will only take 3 hours to get from Australia to Bangkok. The jet has an anti-gravity device that allows it to have vertical take-off and landing and allows it to hover. His girlfriend is a reporter for the Evening Star newspaper, it was not clear in the issues I have if she knows that Jet and Randy are the same person."

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