Green Lama

Real Name: Jethro Dumont

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Priest (specifically, Tibetan Lama)

Affiliations: Tsarong (valet), Jean Parker (girlfriend), Yank, Doodle, the Black Owl, Doctor Frost

Enemies: Falstaff, Baroness von Elsa, Dr. Tana, Mephistopheles, Stopwatch, Frankenstein

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Park Avenue, New York

First Appearance: "The Green Lama", Double Detective magazine Vol.5 #5 (Frank A. Munsey Co, April 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and invulnerability. Able to fly. He gets his powers through chanting the Tibetan phrase "Om Manu Padme Om", a.k.a. the Jewel Lotus Mantra. On at least one occasion he summoned the ghosts of dead heroes to fight evil.

History: A multi millionaire college student, Jethro Dumont, travels to Tibet for postgraduate work. After years of meditation he become a priest, which grants him the powers of the Green Lama! He returns to America to do good as a crimefighter.

(The Green Lama, Double Detective Vol 5 #5, April 1940) No synopses available.

(Croesus of Crime, Double Detective Vol 5 #6, May 1940) No synopses available.

(Babies for Sale, Double Detective Vol 6 #1, June 1940) No synopses available.

(The Wave of Death, Double Detective Vol 6 #2, July 1940) No synopses available.

(The Man Who Wasn't There, Double Detective Vol 6 #3, August 1940) No synopses available.

(The Man With the Death's-Head Face, Double Detective Vol 6 #4, September 1940) No synopses available.

(The Clown Who Laughed, Double Detective Vol 6 #5, October 1940) No synopses available.

(The Invisible Enemy, Double Detective Vol 6 #6, December 1940) No synopses available.

(The Case of the Mad Magi, Double Detective Vol 7 #1, February 1941) No synopses available.

(The Case of the Vanished Ships, Double Detective Vol 7 #2, April 1941) No synopses available.

(The Case of the Fugitive Fingerprints, Double Detective Vol 7 #3,  June 1941) No synopses available.

(The Case of the Crooked Cane, Double Detective Vol 7 #4, August 1941) No synopses available.

(The Case of the Hollywood Ghost, Double Detective Vol 7 #5, October 1941) No synopses available.

(The Case of the Beardless Corpse, Double Detective Vol 8 #2, March 1943) No synopses available.

Comments: Created by Kendell Foster Crossen under the pen name Richard Foster. The Green Lama character is copyright by Kendra Crossen Burroughs,

Thanks to Ben Samuels whose site provided the image of the character used here. Check out his site at

The Green Lama first appeared in the April 1940 issue of the Pulp magazine "Double Detective". He appeared in fourteen issues of that title.

Prize Comics adapted him to comics in December 1940, when he appeared in Prize Comics #7 (drawn by Jack Binder, an artist famous for illustrating Captain Marvel Jr.). He stayed there through a continuous run up to Prize Comics #34, before transferring to his own title published by Spark Publications, which lasted a further eight issues. His last comics appearance of the era was in Green Lama #8, cover date March 1946. There's a new Green Lama series from AC comics in the works.

In 1949 the Green Lama became the star of his own radio show, played by Paul Frees.

In Prize Comics #24, the Green Lama teamed up with the other heroes featured in the comic (Yank, Doodle, the Black Owl, and Doctor Frost) to capture Frankenstein.

Thanks to Mack Murdock for much of the above information, and to Kendra Crossen Burroughs for corrections.

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