Golden Dragon

Real Name: Ang Leung

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: Master Chin, Dragon Dojo, Beingal, Xuan Chi

Enemies: Zodiac Master, Shadow Dragon

Known Relatives: Ling Leung (sister, Shadow Dragon)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hong Kong

First Appearance: Legend of the Dragon

Powers/Abilities: Skilled martial artist, able to fly.

History: Fifteen year old Ang Leung and his twin sister Ling were born in the Year of the Dragon, the children of the last Golden Dragon. After their father was slain by the evil Zodiac Master, the children were raised in the Dragon Dojo by Master Chin, training in the martial arts. Though Ling was the better fighter, it was Ang who was eventually chosen to take their father's place as the Golden Dragon. Ling, angered and disappointed at this, succumbed to the temptations of the Zodiac Master, becoming his servant, the Shadow Dragon.

Comments: Created by Richard Ungar.

Country of original publication/appearance: U.S.A.

Original Media: Cartoon

Other Media: Computer game

Played by: Unknown.

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