Real Name: Gaigan

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial/Cyborg

Occupation: Agent of hostile alien forces.

Affiliations: M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens (Nebulans), Kingugidora, Megaro, Xilians, Seatopians

Enemies: Gojira, Anguiras, Jetto Jagâ, Mosura

Known Relatives:

Aliases: Gigan, Black Gaigan

Base of Operations: Space

First Appearance: Chikyû kogeki meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan ("Godzilla Vs Gigan", Toho, 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Scythe claws, grappling hooks, buzzsaw located on stomach, scattered eye beam, flight, chainsaws, chest-launched sawblades. Gigantic stature, extremely strong and durable.

History: Sent to Earth by the Nebulans, Gaigan was paired with King Ghidorah and attacked Tokyo. Gojira, along with Anguirus, challenged the two invaders. After a long and brutal battle, Gojira and Anguirus managed to push the two back, forcing them to retreat into space. One year later, Gaigan was sent once more by the Nubulans to earth, this time to aid the Seatopian Guardian Megalon in his battle against Gojira and the humanoid robot Jet Jaguar. When the battle finally started to turn for the worse, Gaigan turned his back on Megalon and retreated in his usual fashion back into space. Much later, Gaigan was slain by Mothra, but was found and repaired by the Xilians for use in their quest for world conquest. The newly reborn Black Gaigan moved to the South Pole to destroy Gojira, who had been trapped in ice during a battle long ago. The battle raged as Gaigan employed his new weapons to try and take down his long-time foe...but in the end, Gojira blasts off his head with a jet of atomic flame. The Xilians gathered Gaigan's remains and repaired him once more, this time sending him in to back up Monster X when Mothra arrived. Gaigan and Mothra clashed once more, finally resulting in the complete destruction of both Gaigan and Mothra.

Comments: Gaigan was played by Kenpachiro Satsuma in both Chikyû kogeki meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan and Gojira tai Megaro.

Gaigan is one of only a handful of monsters in the entire Gojira series to make Gojira bleed. Gaigan's eye beam was only used in Godzilla: Final Wars.

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